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Biosys Scalp Care Shampoo
Biosys BIO Repair Shampoo


Biosys BIO REPAIR Shampoo 300ml
Contains superb cleansing properties, and made with extract of herbs, Laminaria Japonica, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract and Acorus Calamus Root Extract which nourish and repair damaged hair, preserve moisture, create shine and provide UV- protection.



Biosys SCALP Care Shampoo 300ml 
Enriched with nutrients that help strengthen the immune system, prevent bacterial growth, relieve itching, aid in blood circulation, control sebaceous excretion, promote follicular health and prevent dandruff.


Biosys AD Shampoo


Biosys AD ANTI-DANDRUFF Shampoo 250ml
A special herbal extract formulation especially for dandruff issues. Enriched with nutrients that prevent bacterial growth, relieves itching, aids in blood circulation, helps to control oily and sensitive scalp.





This special conditioner creates silky softness and excellent shine to your hair. Soy Protein Polymers and DL-Panthenol intensely moisturize, creating a high gloss to your hair, The Bio Repair Conditioner also nourishes hair that has been damaged due to colour, bleach and daily damaging effects, making your hair manageable and healthy.


Biosys BIO Repair Conditioner
Revitalising Hair Tonic

Revitalising Hair Tonic

Biosys Revitalizing Tonic


Biosys Revitalizing HAIR TONIC 120ml 
An intensive energizing tonic that helps to prevent persistent thinning hair and regulate sebaceous secretions. Contains special botanical extracts that help to strengthen and revitalize the scalp to prevent hair fall and encourage healthier, fuller-looking hair. This non-greasy formula with its cool menthol fragrance is guaranteed to leave your scalp clean and refresh.


Scalp & Hair Treatments

Scalp & Hair Treatments



Biosys ICE THERAPY Scalp Mask
Contains oriental herbal powder that clarifies and energizes the scalp. It extends the Anagen (growth) phase and reduces the Telogen (fall) phase. Removes dead skin cells, this mask nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, regulates sebum and dandruff, leading to effective and visibly stronger and thicker volume hair growth.


Biosys Hair and Scalp Revitalising Treatment Ampoule


Hair and SCALP REVITALIZING Treatment AMPOULE 10ml x 6
An intensive revitalizer that helps prevent persistent thinning hair and regulates sebaceous secretions. Contains special botanical extracts helps promote hair growth, nourishes and strengthens the hair bulb. This treatment also helps to re-activate the circulation in the scalp and restore hair to its optimum condition.


Biosys Hair Liquid Crystal


Hair Liquid CRYSTAL 50ml
Formulated to tame dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair, BIOSys Liquid Hair Crystal provides that extra nourishment to the hair and keeps it under control. Let confidence shine through with soft, smooth and supple hair.


Biosys Damaged Hair Rebuilder


Biosys Damaged Hair REBUILDER 120ml / 250ml
This special leave-on, moisture-rich rebuilder is enriched with Silk Protein, Jojoba and Vitamin E that nourishes and repairs hair tissue instantly. Adds definition, moisture and brilliant shine with unique light holding ingredient. It reduces breakage caused by thermal styling, UV damage and combing and helps eliminate frizz, prolong hair colour, leaving hair soft and smooth.


Biosys PPT Hair Restructure Treatment


PPT HAIR RESTRUCTURE Treatment 10ml x 6
A professional Pre-Treatment that replenishes the lost keratin and nutrients for damaged hair type to equal out the porosity of the hair, and coats the outer layers before the chemical process. Various effective ingredients such as Bio-cysteine, high molecular wheat protein, Keratin and almond extracts penetrate deep into the hair to nourish and restore lost proteins, to retain the elasticity and strengthen your hair as well as increasing volume and shine.


Biosys Hair Treatment Masque


Hair Treatment MASQUE 250ml
One step convenient penetration to deliver and return your hair to its most natural state. With unique formulation containing special softening and conditioning agents, it’s the perfect treatment choice for dry and damaged hair.


Biosys Hair ICE Spa


Hair ICE Spa 250ml
Specially formulated with Walnut Shell, this ICE Spa treatment instantly reduces residue chemical and helps its nourishing and active ingredients to better penetrate hair during application. It also replenishes lost moisture due to excessive chemical process leading to shiny, smoother, soft, manageable and healthy hair.


Biosys Damaged Hair Rebuilder
Sculpt & Style

Sculpt & Style

Biosys Sculpt Lotion


SCULPT Lotion 250ml
Enrich with silk amino acids, conditioning polymers and thermal protectors, this lotion penetrates the hair structure for strength and condition, delivering bounce and incredible body to the hair fiber. This fast drying formula is easy to brush out and can be re-activated by applying water to restyle. An excellent alternative to mousse.


Biosys Rebonding Cream


REBONDING Cream 500ml x 2
Contains Silk fibroins and Mushroom Polysaccharides that prevents loss of moisture and vital nutrients in the rebonding process. With Vitamin Derivatives, Almond, Botanical Extracts and Lanolin, this cream nourishes the damaged part of the hair and prevents hair static.


Biosys Curl Enhancer


CURL Enhancer 250ml
A light crème texture energizer that separates, defines and reactivates naturally curly and textured hair while eliminating frizz. Enrich with extra hair conditioners, it holds hair in place with extra gloss and shine and helps to create new hairstyles with a great finish. This enhancer is a non-greasy, easy-to-use hair groomer with long-lasting hold.


Biosys Ionized Perm


Biosys Ionized BIO PERM 
120ml x 2

A mild and gentle formula with state-of-art breakthroughs in ionized bio repair technology. This gives you the simplest, time-saving and best results in perm and hair care. Its effective formula with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein creates gorgeous bouncy curls that feel soft and conditioned. Suitable for all types of hair.


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