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About Ogin

Ogin is TOPWAY's newest line of products that combine wildcrafted, potent active botanicals to produce formulas that effectively promote healthy, beautiful hair naturally. We are constantly researching and studying the power of nature through the lens of science to bring you the ultimate in total hair wellness for a lifetime of happiness.

Ogin Scalp Tonic

This scalp formula is a balanced combination of botanical herbs, orchid extract, and active ingredients. When massaged into the scalp, it helps nourish and activate the scalp and hair to create the ideal environment essential for thicker, fuller, and stronger-looking healthy hair.

Scalp Tonic.JPG

Ogin 01 Scalp Shampoo

This Scalp Care Shampoo is specially formulated for deep cleansing and moisturizing. It effectively repairs damaged hair, leaving hair fresh, soft, and smooth. The Orchid Flower Extract conditions the hair to ensure moisture balance and scalp protection while providing nutrients to the hair and improving its overall appearance, leaving hair soft and manageable.

Ogin 03 Nutri Conditioner

This Repair Conditioner creates softness and excellent shine. It contains Soy Protein Polymers, DL-Panthenol, and Orchid Extract that add powerful conditioning and moisture-balance effects on hair. It intensively nourishes the hair that is damaged due to (color, bleach, relaxers, and everyday damaging effect) to make hair manageable and healthy.


Ogin 05 Scalp AD Shampoo

This Anti-Dandruff shampoo helps maintain optimal health of the hair and scalp by mildly cleansing away residue and build-up on the hair and scalp with its superb cleansing properties. It contains Chamomile, Arnica & Yellow Extract that help stop itchiness, dandruff, and scalp irritation. The powerful Orchid Flower Extract conditions the hair to ensure moisture balance and scalp protection while repairing damage and creating Soft, Silky, and Shiny Hair.


Ogin's products are now available for order!

If you wish to purchase, please kindly contact us using the bottom right chatbox, and we will reply within 24 hours!

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