Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I losing my hair?

There can be many causes for women to lose their hair. Unlike men, where it is more commonly a hereditary cause, women can have many underlying factors. Thyroid conditions, auto-immune disease, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, anaemia (iron deficiency), crash dieting, and many other conditions can cause hair loss in women. Some of this hair loss can be reversed by correcting the underlying cause.

What products will you recommend for oily scalp and dandruff problems?

It’s important to understand and review your lifestyle and dietary habits first and foremost. We recommend a scalp analysis by a scalp care consultant first, followed by a discussion of how to possibly have a better diet, lifestyle, followed by an effective scalp care treatment process and the aftercare steps and application. Our Scalp Care shampoos effectively help you to control your oily scalp. You will see the difference after between 1 to 3 washes.

Is your Jozu ICE Herbal Powder same as Henna colouring?

Jozu ICE Herbal Powder is not henna; we are using 100% Chinese herbs. We prepare the herbal treatment by cooking the Chinese herbs. There may be occasions when customers experience discomfort, redness or itchiness on their scalp after the henna treatment, while customers who choose to use our Jozu Herbal Powder did not experience any of the earlier mentioned after doing our Herbal treatment.