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Jozu Aroma Spa Therapy Scalp Shampoo


jozu AROMA SPA Therapy Scalp Shampoo 300ml

Formulated with natural herbal remedy and extract of Eclipta Prostate, Pomegranate Red Ginseng, Angelica Acutiloba Root, Polygonum Multiforum root and Rhubard, this scalp shampoo repairs damage hair, nourishes, moisturizes and promotes hair growth. It also relieves itchy scalp, prevents bacterial growth and dandruff, aids cell regeneration and blood circulation.


Jozu SPA Therapy AD Shampoo


jozu Spa Therapy AD Shampoo

Formulated for dry and sensitive scalp helps to maintain optimal health of the hair and scalp by mildly cleansing away residue build up on the hair and scalp, with superb cleansing properties while Chamomile, Arnica & Yarrow Extract helps stop itchiness, dandruff and scalp irritation. It is blended with a generous quantity of hair and scalp nutrition, hair keratin repair complexes and hair conditioners for extra hair and scalp protection.  It also calms the flyaway hair and creates Soft, Silky and Shiny Hair. Combined these ingredients treat the hair with nutrients, repair damaged, preserve moisture and shine.


Scalp & Hair Treatments

Scalp & Hair Treatments

Jozu Scalp Lotion


jozu SCALP LOTION 120ml
This mild and gentle formula contains herbal nutrients that encourage hair growth, a healthy scalp, relieves the itch, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, controls sebaceous excretion and prevents bacterial growth, all of which is essential for hair vitality and texture. This lotion also contains ingredients that promote healing.


Jozu Argan Oil


jozu ARGAN OIL 120ml
Called a Miracle Oil, this contains Vitamins A and E which nourishes hair and promotes its elasticity. Just a few drops of this liquid gold essence conditions your hair, smoothens any frizz and adds a substantial amount of gloss and shine to your hair.


Jozu Herbal ICE Colour Powder

jozu Herbal ICE Colour Powder
100% oriental herbal formulation that provides superior results for grey hair coverage. It stimulates and nourishes the scalp and unclogs hair follicles, preventing any onset of hair problems. It clears dandruff effectively and delays the growth of white hair.


Jozu SPA Therapy scalp lotion


jozu SPA Therapy Scalp Lotion 120ml
ANTI-HAIR LOSS treatment with Phyto Nutrients and Plants Extract
help enhance hair Growth. Enhance the integrity of hair growth.
Regulates sebaceous secretions. Minimize premature hair loss. 
Slowing the aging of hair follicle. Nourish and strengthen the hair.


Jozu Scalp Rescue Lotion


jozu Scalp Rescue Lotion 12 x 5ml

Fights Hair Loss with Stem Cell Technology with Jozu Scalp Rescue Lotion.

This Hair Loss Treatment Uses Advanced Science with Redensyl and Pro-Botanic Complex. Combats hair loss without harmful drugs or hormones! Utilizes cutting-edge stem cell technology with award-winning Rednesyl, plus Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, and more to reactivate sluggish roots for less shedding and greater thickness. Goes on clear and works all day to reduce thinning and stimulate thicker, fuller hair that gets noticed!


Jozu SPA Therapy Scalp Revitalizer


jozu SPA Therapy Scalp Revitalizer 6 x 12ml

An intensive SPA Therapy scalp revitalizer that helps to prevent persistent thinning hair, regulates sebaceous secretions. Contain special botanical extracts that help promotes hair regrowth, nourishing and strengthening the hair bulb. Reactivates the circulation in the scalp and restores hair to its optimum condition


Jozu Keratin Recovery


jozu Keratin Recovery 6 x 12ml

Therapeutic Treatment Ampoules, hair cuticle protection treatment + enriched with Amino-Keratin, Emollients & Vitamins for added hair protection during Alkaline Hair Perm, Hot Perm, Rebonding, Hair Coloring & Beaching treatments.

Sculpt & Style

Sculpt & Style

Jozu Moulding Clay


jozu Moulding CLAY 100ml
Break through the ordinary with this moulding clay that holds and defines with exceptional separation, texture and finish.


Jozu Styling Creative


jozu Styling Creative 6 x 10ml

STYLING SHINE VOLUMISANT, Instant Blow Dry Leave-in hair cuticle protection and revitalising treatment with Superb Gloss & Shine and leaves hair silky smooth, full of volume & life.


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