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Making the Most of Your Free Samples

At TopWay, we're all about maximizing potential, and that includes ensuring you get the full benefit of our free samples. These carefully crafted products are designed to impress, and their versatility allows for a variety of testing strategies to best suit your salon's needs.

Here's how you can make the most of them:

1. Professional Use on Clients: For the ultimate experience, apply our products during client appointments. This not only allows you to evaluate the performance in a real-world setting but also enables immediate, genuine feedback from those who matter most – your clients. Given our high return rate for full-size purchases, witnessing your customers' satisfaction first-hand can lead to a boost in loyalty and trust in your salon's product offerings.

2. Staff Trials: Encourage your stylists and technicians to use the samples on their own hair. Familiarity breeds confidence, and when your team can personally attest to the efficacy and superior results of our products, their recommendations to clients become all the more compelling.


3. Client Take-Home Samples: Consider offering a sample as a take-home treat for clients to try in their own routine. This can serve as a thoughtful and personalized gesture, solidifying your salon's reputation as a curator of elite hair care experiences.

Remember, every strand of hair tells a story, and by integrating TopWay products into your narrative, you can delight and surprise your clients with remarkable results. Harness the power of our samples to their fullest, and when you're ready to share your success stories or reorder, we're just a conversation away – excited and waiting to support your journey to hair excellence.

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