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10 Hair Loss Myths And Truths You Need to Know

Myth: We Lose 50 to 100 Strands Per Day Fact: There is truth to this myth. However, this is different for everybody. If you are seeing more hair in your towel or comb, then you may be losing too much. Hair loss is a common problem. The good news is that it is easily treated in most cases. Many people do not get the treatment they need for hair loss because they believe common myths about it. The following is a list of common hair loss myths. Myth: Wear Hats Can Cause Hair Loss

Fact: Wearing hats will not cause you to lose your hair. Many people think that they can lose their hair because it is important for you to let your scalp breathe. However, your head will not stop your hair follicles from getting the nutrients and oxygen that you need. In fact, a hat can actually protect your hair from the sun and harsh weather elements. Myth: Excessive Styling Leads to Hair Loss Fact: There is truth to this. Excessive bleaching, heat treatments, and combing can cause hair loss. However, if you are cautious and don't overdo it, then you probably won't suffer hair loss. Myth: Stress Causes Hair Loss

Fact: You are likely to suffer hair loss after a traumatic life event. However, the everyday stresses that you encounter probably won't cause you to experience hair loss. Myth: Bald Men Have More Testosterone Fact: Excess levels of testosterone do not cause hair loss. However, hair loss can be caused by high levels of di-hydro-testosterone. Myth: Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Back Faster Fact: This is one of the most common haircare myths, but there is no truth to this. You won't make your hair grow faster by cutting it. Myth: Washing Your Hair Causes Hair Loss Fact: You may notice that hair falls out when you shampoo your hair. However, it is normal for your hair to shed. Myth: Only Elderly People Have to Worry About Going Bald Fact: Hair loss can occur at any age. Some people may not even notice that they are losing their hair until they see patches of it gone. Myth: You Will Start Losing Your Hair Again If You Stop Using Medication Fact: There are some hair loss gimmicks that will tell you to keep buying their product to prevent you from losing your hair. The key is to find the right treatment. Myth: All You Need to Stop Hair Loss is the Right Nutrients Fact: Nutrients are necessary for healthy, growing hair. However, you still need a proper hair care routine. Do you have any other common hair loss myths and truths to share? Please share your views with us, also you can subscribe to our email list and get more hair tips.


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