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5 Easy Everyday Hair Care Tips For Short Hair

One of the biggest hair trends in 2021 has been more women choosing short cuts over long hairstyles. Some women choose short hair because it's easier to manage and maintain than long hair. Other women enjoy the lighter weight of hair cut to chin/ear length or shorter. Whatever your reason for choosing a short cut, it's important that you keep in mind that you still need to manage it carefully so that it looks its best. Here are five simple short haircare tips that take little time or effort each day:

1. Check for Split Ends Often

It's critical that you attend to damaged hair problems between regular salon visits. Unlike with long hair, split ends can destroy short hairs rapidly. If you don't trim off the splits, your stylist may have to recommend shorter and shorter cuts over time to prevent additional damage. A stylist can attend to split ends as well, but you then need to arrange to see them approximately every four weeks.

2. Rethink Quantity Over Quality

With long hair, women must often use a lot of hair styling products to bring flyaway hairs and untamed locks under control and create the styles that they desire. Short hair is far easier to handle with just a tiny amount of spray, foam, cream, or gel. The same rule is true for leave-in products that nourish the hair. If you use too many of these products, you can expect your hair to flatten from product weight and appear unclean.

3. Choose a Different Volumizer

The only exception to the product rule occurs when you don't have time to wash your hair. If your hair appears weighed down from natural oil and product and you can't wash it immediately, use a generous amount of dry powder shampoo to soak up oil and make your hair look cleaner, thicker, and fuller in appearance. That said, never forget that you must wash out the volumizer at your next earliest opportunity to prevent hair follicle clogging and scalp irritation.

4. Hydrate Your Hair and Scalp

Haircare products strip short hair of moisture much faster than when you use them on long hair, especially moisture near the roots. Dehydration and damage often occur when women overclean their hair in an attempt to make their styles appear less greasy and weighed from the buildup of styling product residues. Use only moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and other products designed specifically to hydrate your hair. Additionally, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, and consider using a hydrating mist on your hair before bedtime.

5. Go One Step Further

If you're not already applying a deep conditioning treatment to your short hair at least two times a month, then you're not maintaining it well enough. A light application of a standard conditioner during each shower moisturizes and detangles your hair. A deep conditioning product that you leave on your hair between five and 10 minutes does more than moisturizing. It supplies critical nutrients that help to prevent breakage and make each hair more elastic and able to handle styling.

As you can see, a short cut doesn't free you entirely from hair maintenance. Yet, these short hair tips can help you keep your hair healthy and manageable with little effort. For more hair care tips, check our other posts today.

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